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Buying a laptop is an important business decision that every professional makes. Whatever the requirements are; it is essential that one goes for the best as it can decide several factors of your work life. One should go for a laptop that is high on security, performance and reliability; and HP offers all of this and more. HP laptops can be a best buying decision because it is built to make your world secure… know how-

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At HP, every PC decision is a security decision, as HP secures devices, data and identity with the world’s most secure and manageable PCs1.

Whether it is a PC or a laptop, HP makes sure that the foundation of your machine is strong and robust. Here are few security features to explore with HP Security-

HP Sure Start Gen4-

This hardware-enforced self-healing protection of HP Sure Start Gen42 automatically recovers the BIOS to protect your PC.

HP Sure Run-

Keep your critical applications and processes running even if malware tries to shut them down. This is what the self-healing protection3 does.

HP Sure Recover-

With HP Sure Recover4, quickly and securely restore PCs to the latest image using a network connection.
One of the thinnest and toughest business notebooks are available with HP, with all the premium features such as manageability, security, and collaboration to make business a pleasure. HP’s security also helps protect your identity and data.

Here are some laptop series you would like to check out-

HP EliteBook 1050-

Ideal for heavy workloads wherever you go, this has remarkable power.

HP EliteBook 1040 G4-

A powerful laptop, this makes even your hardest tasks a breeze.

HP EliteBook 800 series G5-

This laptop is secure, manageable and beautifully designed with powerful collaboration tools to keep you productive anywhere.

You can also find HP Elite Convertibles, HP Pro Laptops and Elite Desktops at Infoworld Pune and get the best deals like never before.

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